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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the relation between Knowledge Base and LiveChat?

Knowledge Base is a product developed by LiveChat, Inc. 

Both LiveChat and Knowledge Base application share the same login credentials, billing details and 24/7/365 support.

Thanks to keeping both application under the LiveChat account, you can keep Knowledge Base and LiveChat subscription to the same invoice. 

What is included in the plan?

Our product main features are:

  • Help Center: the public version of your knowledge base, including:
    • Customization option (logo, home page URL, Help Center URL, headline text, color),
    • Custom domain setup,
    • Google Analytics integration,
    • Visibility options on article's level,
    • SEO optimization,
    • Feedback Module.
  • AI-powered auto-suggestion, which displays you the most relevant article based on customer question,
  • Quick ‘add to reply’ button that insert a public link to your article.
  • Insights section.
  • Internal help center.
  • Public Help Center in chat window.

Do I need an active LiveChat license to use Knowledge Base?

Depending on the Knowledge Base features you want to use you might need active LiveChat license.

Active LiveChat license is required to use Internal Knowledge Base, as the Widget is displayed within your Agents’ App. Without active license, you won’t be able to access LiveChat application and the Widget, too.

Using Help Center does not require having active LiveChat license, although without you won’t have the chat window present in your public knowledge base.