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AI-suggestions best practices

No matter how smart our algorithm is, it needs a bit of your support/help to be amazing. Thankfully, all the best practices for AI-suggestions are aligned with the ones related to creating articles. Here are the most important ones to keep in mind:

#1 Add search keywords

The most important thing you must take care of is adding search keyword to your every article. The keywords are the initial learning base (except for the content itself) that helps the algorithm learn your articles, and suggest them afterward correctly. Really, that's the most important step 🙃 Add some synonyms, too!

Also, keep in mind to use topics and descriptive titles – it'll help your customers, agents and algorithm browse your help docs easier.

#2 Use ‘Add to Reply’ buttons when suggestion’s good

“Add to Reply” buttons, are the crucial actions when using AI-Suggestions. 

  1. First, they speed up your chatting by inserting an article’s link or text directly into the chat. 
  2. Second, it’s them who tells the algorithm which suggestion was good and which wasn’t. By using this function, you improve your AI-suggestions tool.

#3 Add synonyms and alternate wordings

Try using some synonyms, just like your customers might do. Add them as keywords and within the article's content. With this little help, no matter if the customer asks for “the cheapest plan” or “the basic plan”, the algorithm will know that’s the same question.

#4 Keep your articles length somewhere between FAQ-style and Essays

Don’t bury the answer in too many words. No one has time to read through the whole Odyssey when there’s a customer waiting on the other end. We recommend fitting between 80 and 320 words per article.

#5 Address one topic per article

We suggest creating one article per one topic you cover. FAQs are a good way to handle a few most common questions, but answering 50 questions in one article won’t be helpful, neither for your customer, nor for our algorithm.

#6 Think twice before deleting the article

Sometimes you might want to rewrite the article from end to end. That’s fine as long as you’re not trying to delete it and write it from scratch. 

We’re not recommending this, as all of the knowledge algorithm gathered for this article so far will be lost. Think twice as the deleted article can’t be restored.

To learn more on AI-suggestions, check out the “Using AI-suggestions” article.