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Using AI-suggestions

AI-suggestions speeds up your chatting by displaying the most related articles based on the customer’s question. The suggestions are displayed within the Help Widget, thus you can easily insert the link of the suggested article, or preview it on the spot.

How does AI-suggestions work?

AI-suggestions use special Machine Learning algorithm that analyzes your entire knowledge base and, based on a customer’s question, displays the most relevant articles.

What’s more, the algorithm improves itself each time you use a suggested article in the chat. The more articles you use in the chats, the better suggestions you’ll get after some time.

The suggested articles are refreshed automatically after the customer sends new messages. We’re analyzing a couple of last messages to make sure that you’ll have only the articles that answer the customer’s question, not a random chit-chat.

Note: Auto-suggestions are mostly based on the keywords and content you have in the articles. In the beginning, the algorithm needs help, so it's crucial to have many keywords added to the article.

Using AI-suggestions

As mentioned, the AI-suggestions are displayed within the Internal Help Widget, so you can see them every time you chat with your customers with the Internal Help Widget opened.

You can disable them anytime you want. Just switch the toggle placed in the upper part of the Widget. It’ll keep the autosuggestions off until you turn them on again.

Note: Disabling and enabling AI-suggestions works only per LiveChat Agent. There’s no way to disable the feature for entire license at the moment.

To learn more on AI-suggestions, check out the “AI-suggestions best practices” article.