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Your team’s productivity and workflow on the up

Organize your product information and provide lightning-fast support.

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Customer support knowledge base
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Shift your support into a higher gear

Provide your customer service team with an internal and external knowledge base and take customer experience up a notch.

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Speed up the response time

Product information within arm’s reach of support agents lets them quickly find solutions and resolve customer requests almost instantly. Faster response times increase customer satisfaction.

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Take the heat off your agents

An external help center can provide 24/7 self-service, minimizing the number of repetitive requests and keeping your support agents less fatigued. Provide instant access to relevant articles and let customers find answers on their own.

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More time for important stuff

With faster resolutions and more customers served, your support teams can take care of burning issues. Support agents also get more time for strategic tasks connected to other areas of customer experience.

Put knowledge
to work

Set up an easy-to-use knowledge center packed with guides, FAQs, tutorials and learning materials your team can easily create, edit and share.

Customize your knowledge base

Customize your help center

Build a customer support knowledge base and customize it so that it matches your brand identity. Choose a URL, colors, logo, favicon and links.

Set up your help center
Rich text editor

Create content

Use a rich-text editor to create informative knowledge base articles packed with images, videos or GIFs. There's all you need to create helpful resources and ensure content quality.

Create article
Knowledge management

Organize your knowledge

Structure your product information and divide it by topic, keyword, or visibility status. You can then easily maintain your knowledge base and provide consistent information.

Manage your knowledge base
Knowledge resources inside a chat window

Search and share

Navigate through your customer service knowledge base and find ready-to-use articles using a search bar. Share them with a team member or answer customer questions.

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Our customers want to learn more about video making techniques. With KnowledgeBase, they can browse our resources at their own pace and solve their problems without contacting our customer support.
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Set up your knowledge base in a few clicks

And improve customer experience with lightning-fast support.

Free 14-day trial No credit card required

Free 14-day trial No credit card required

Scale up your business

Navigate through your customer service knowledge base and find ready-to-use articles using a search bar. Share them with a team member or answer customer questions.

Build your help center
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Decrease the training learning curve

An effective customer service knowledge base will help with onboarding and lets newly hired customer service reps get up to speed faster.

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Improve internal communication

Manage company knowledge — from internal policies and onboarding guides to help resources, and ensure excellent communication.

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Reduce cost

Higher productivity, faster employee onboarding and more time saved on repetitive issues drives down costs connected to customer support.

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Retain more customers

Keeping existing customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. Good customer service minimizes customer effort and increases retention rates.

Discover customer pain points

Dig into analytics and see how your customers interact with your help center — what they look for, what they miss. Bridge knowledge gaps.

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Article rating

Make your knowledge base more comprehensive by adjusting the articles with poor ratings.

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Discover the performance of your customer service knowledge base including views, keywords and missed search queries.

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Google Analytics

Dig deeper into Google Analytics and find out how your knowledge base articles perform in search engines.

Analytics for your KnowledgeBase
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Knowledge-packed chats

Connect KnowledgeBase with LiveChat using Chat Widget and level up the chatting experience both for your customers and customer service agents.

Help Center widget

Customer self service

Show your customer support knowledge base inside the chat when off-duty and allow round-the-clock customer self-service.

Browsing KnowledgeBase in a chat window

Agent empowerment

Speed up the average response time using the KnowledgeBase widget — your agents can browse right in the chat window.

Happier agents make happier customers

Empower your support team with an internal knowledge base and a 24/7 customer self-service center.

Free 14-day trial No credit card required

Free 14-day trial No credit card required 24/7 support

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